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A fashionably fun women's boutique nestled in Historic Downtown Amherst

Meet the Staff of The Mermaid’s Tale

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Mermaids Tale Staff

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Mermaids Tale Staff - Judy

Judy is the owner of The Mermaid's Tale. Judy's passion for the community and a desire to make a difference in the lives of others fuels her business. Judy, a Lorain County native, is passionate about supporting local organizations and strives to evolve just as the customer base, and their buying habits, have over the years.

Mermaids Tale Staff - Stacey

Stacey is Judy's daughter. She is also the Inventory Specialist, a Buyer and a Sales Associate for the store, specializing in ALL of the lines! She loves everything, but her favorites are Pandora, Brighton, Lindsay Phillips, GingerSnaps, Handbag Butler, Moonglow, MiaSol and Spartina 449 - just to name a few! She enjoys traveling, going out to eat, shopping, watching movies, hanging out with friends, swimming and listening to music.

Mermaids Tale Staff - Wendy A.

Wendy A is the Floor Manager. Her favorite things at The Mermaid's Tale are Pandora and Brighton. Wendy is a cake decorator on the side, so baking is one of her favorite things to do. She also loves camping, shopping, relaxing in the pool & spending time with her family and friends.

Mermaids Tale Staff - Wendy B.

Wendy B is the Marketing & HR manager. Spartina 449 is probably her favorite merchandise line, but she really loves the beautiful, historic building that The Mermaid's Tale resides in. "It is the perfect showcase for our beautiful merchandise and makes me happy to come to work!" She loves playing with her children, working in the garden and cooking for her family and friends.

Mermaids Tale Staff - Shirley

Shirley has been with The Mermaid's Tale the longest, so her knowledge of our products is vast! Although she loves all our merchandise, her favorite thing at the store is her co-workers. Outside of work she loves shopping, being with family and going on trips.

Mermaids Tale Staff - Sally

Sally's specialty at The Mermaid's Tale is definitely Pandora. She absolutely loves assisting customers in designing bracelets and ring sets that best suit the customer's personality. You should see her bracelets that express her sparkling personality! Outside of The Mermaid's Tale, Sally has achieved her life-long goal of becoming an elementary education teacher. Teaching and sharing time with her students is her most favorite thing. She also loves playing volleyball, spending time with friends and shopping!

Mermaids Tale Staff - Ethel

Ethel is a Brighton specialist at The Mermaid's Tale. She loves all of the beautiful merchandise and the wonderful women she works with. In her spare time she enjoys reading, cooking & baking and spending time with her family. She also enjoys helping her friend Rose who is 97!

Mermaids Tale Staff - Charlene

Charlene works here part-time and knows a little about most of the lines. Her very favorites are Brighton and Belle Etoile. She loves being in the store and surrounded by so many beautiful gift lines. "It's great to meet the new people who visit the store!" She also says that she has the "greatest work mates". Charlene enjoys cooking, reading, traveling and her wonderful family. She just wishes that they lived a little closer! She also loves to be outside in the sun and work in her flower beds.

Mermaids Tale Staff - Angie

Angie's specialties here at The Mermaid's Tale are Pandora and Spartina 449. She actually has a not-so-secret passion for Spartina 449. She also loves all of her coworkers here. When she's not working or at college, she loves to play tennis and to shop!

Mermaids Tale Staff - Shannon

Moonglow might be one of Shannon's favorite lines, but making her customers happy is her truly her specialty here. She loves her coworkers, the variety of items available at the boutique and helping people find the perfect gift for someone else - or themselves! She also loves spending time with her family, baking & cooking. Scrap booking is another favorite, but she's just a little behind!